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Testing bug reporting
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Hi Lucas,
The point of this is to test the bug reporting system. In order to make it more useful I add small remarks regarding installation and testing I encountered so far:

  1. Docker installation works fine, however, since only python3 is installed, pip install -e build-release/python is not working, while pip3 install -e build-release/python works
  2. For testing pipe_tools matplotlib is required, however, it was not installed in Docker, adding python3-matplotlib to Dockerfile solved the problem
  3. pipe_tools work fine as a pipe, however, they generate errors if used separately with file input/output: in surface, np.savetxt(output.buffer, surface) triggers 'str' object has no attribute 'buffer' and in contact,surface = np.loadtxt(input.buffer) triggers the same error. Deleting .buffer solves the problem in both cases

Kind regards,

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Hi Andrei,

I've made the suggested changes for points 2 and 3. For 1, as I mentioned on github, running scons dev should have the same effect as pip3 install -e build-release/python. It also falls back on if pip is not found.



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