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Linux Machines (UBUNTU)
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Installing a Linux Machine at the BIOP

It can make sense to install Ubuntu on the BIOP machines.

The idea is to

  1. Boot Ubuntu from a USB disk
  2. Make sure that the file system is compatible for the disks (Other than C:/)

Compatible disks

Ubuntu should be able to read NTFS disks with the proper installation

We are testing dual boot systems in order to benefit from Linux-only packages

Pink Panther

Boot In Linux

If the machine is currently on, shut it down (Restart works too) and follow these steps

Make sure that the keyboard is active by checking if Num Lock works
  • Wait for takeoff (Sequence is ...FAN)

On the screen shown below, press F6 frantically

Then Choose PI: INTEL SSD... as per the image below

Wait and enjoy



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