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Get the latest version at and make sure you download the 32-bit version, as this one has a few plugins pre-installed.

ImageJ Macro code highlight

You can dowload (right-clic, save link as...)

To import into Notepad++
From Notepad++
LanguageDefine your language...Import...
You should then see a ijm appearing under Define your language

Export highlighted code to Powerpoint, Word, etc...

Select the code you want to export and go to
PluginsNppExportCopy RTF to clipboard
You can then paste directly into Word or Powerpoint

Run code directly from Notepad++

Run > Run... >
C:\\ImageJ-win64.exe -macro "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"

NB: you may need to replace "C:\\ImageJ-win64.exe " by your actual path to FIJI

Have autocomplete into Notepad++

You can dowload (right-clic, save link as...)

and add it to ..\Notepad++\plugins\APIs\

To generate the ijm.xml file we wrote a macro that you can dowload (right-clic, save link as...)

Start the macro and it asks you to select an "html" file, that you can find on the macros functions page
by pressing F12

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