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2016 Week 43 (Late October)
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Updates on Phabricator:


  • Use port 22 for VCS, 2222 is still working
  • User page: order repositories by last commit date, show archived repositories
  • Order of repositories in project page is by last commit date instead of creation date
  • Add custom build step for Harbormaster for our own Jenkins
  • Clean Harbormaster unsused steps
  • Support repository author policy in Harbormaster
  • Allow wiki pages list to be the main Project page
  • Wiki and Task menu are hidden by default on project page
  • Warning on the login page
  • Remove warning in subproject page
  • Remove delete button in Diffusion
  • Applied upstream changes: 41, 43

Bug fixes

  • Fix too many connections on dbs
  • Show all wiki pages in the project page, fixes T735
  • When adding shibboleth in external account, also add the user to Creators policy, fixes T733
  • Add project to new wiki page tags
  • Repository author policy: better request, should improve performances
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