Code Review
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There are two types of code reviews,


  • Create Diff from commits, merge them using Arcanist

A change is created and submitted

git clone ssh://
cd test
git checkout -b newfeature
echo TEST >>
git commit -am "Add feature A"
arc diff

The reviewer tests the changes (patch), eventually accepts them (via webinterface)

git clone ssh:// test2
cd test2
arc patch D#

When the changes are accepted in the Diff, you can push the changes.
You can either "land" the changes or push them:

  • arc land: It squashes all commits into one and pushes it to the main branch
  • git push: Standard git behaviour, merge/push all commits into the main branch
  • Only the reviewer of a Diff can land or update a Diff, if you want to take over, you'll have to add a comment on the web UI and add the Commandeer action.


  • Everything is done in Phabricator web interface on a specific commit, after changes have been pushed
  • You can comment on a commit, "accept it" or "raise a concern"

  • You can automatically create Audits when a commit is pushed and assign it to a team or a user using Herald rules
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