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c4science is open for everyone to register to, by default an external user can use on of those 3 methods to create an account:

  • Google account
  • Github account
  • Local account.

The user will NOT have to right to create repository, project or wiki page with those account types.

You can give access to those users to a project and a repository by adding them in the Read/Edit/Push policies as any other user on the platform. It is preferred to use Projects to create groups to give access to user to a repository, see Project.

Give write access to a user on a repository/project

  • Ask the user to register to c4science
  • Add the user as a Project member that your repository use in the Policies settings


  • Add the user to the users Policies of your repository by creating a Custom policy
  • The user should then have access to the repository

Public readonly access

You can also give access to everyone on a repository by user the Public policy of a repository. The repo will then by accessible by HTTP.

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