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Project in Phabricator is a generic concept, you can use it for multiple purposes:

  • Groups of people, to give permission on a repository
  • Policies on any object on Phabricator (repository, task, etc)
  • Organize tasks on Maniphest using Kanban like boards
  • Organize software releases, sprints, reports and versions
  • Tag repositories with multiple projects for organization purpose
  • Create Wiki pages
  • ...

Some more functionalities:

  • You can tag project as different entities using "Icons" in the preferences (Group, Policy, ...)
  • Project can be nested, you have to add the Subproject menu entry
  • Members are inherited from the children to the parents

In-depth examples of usage of Projects can be found in Project For A Lab

NOTE: Project namespace is global and you'll have to provide a unique name for your Projects
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