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Special syntax you can use in commit messages

  • Ref T123, Refs T123or Reference T123: Attach the commit/differential to a Task
  • <prefix> Txxx <suffix>, eg.: Closes T123 as Wontfix: Close a Task
    • prefixes: closed, closes, close, fix, fixes, fixed, resolve, resolves, resolved, wontfix, wontfixes, wontfixed, invalidate, invalidates, invalidated, spite, spites, spited
    • suffixes: out of spite, as spite, as invalid, as wontfix, as resolved, as fixed
  • Reverts rXabcdef: Add reverted status to the commit: rPHTEST6144b027#936403
    • prefixes: revert, reverts, reverted, backout, backsout, backedout, back out, backs out, backed out, undo, undoes

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Mirror repositories

You can mirror a remote repository into c4science or syncronize your c4science repository to an external platform. For that you have to go to the repository then

  • ActionsManage RepositoryURIsNew URI
  • Add the external repository URI
  • Choose the mode of operation, I/O type
    • Observe: the remote repository will be regularly checked for changes and they will be pulled into the c4science repo
    • Mirror: the c4science repo will be pushed to the external repo as soon as there are some changes
  • After creating the URI, if the repository needs credential (for the Mirror mode for instance) you can click on Set Credentialon the right of the URI configuration and setup a key or username/password pair

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Webhooks and Herald


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