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Oncilla - Start Up Checklist
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Before you start please check the following points:

  1. Check if the cables are not in the way of joints, if this happens use straps.
  2. The knee actuation cable should be layouted in the correct way. For the *right legs*, the cable should go *counter-clockwise* around the white piece on the hip, and it should be *clockwise* for the *left legs*.
WRONG setup (right fore leg)RIGHT setup (right fore leg)
  1. Check power and logic connections. Check the part description page (here ) for the correct voltages.
  2. Master communication board should be mounted on the COM6 (high-speed) and not on COM1. They look similar, so check before you proceed.
  3. Put the robot legs in a vertical standing posture before plugging the power, or running a new control.
  4. Make sure that, for each motor, the windings cable (molex black connector) is always matched with the motor's relative connector (DIN 2.54 connector) on the motordriver board. If you mix them you most certainly will have some PID explosion.
  5. Check that the main power supply has output set to 12V if using the powerboard.
  6. Turn power supply on, but do not connect the cords yet (to the robot), check the voltages / amps again. Connect the black banana plug (ground) first and then the red one.
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