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Oncilla - Software Utilities for Hardware Management
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Please find below a table of the tool used on the Oncilla Hardware. Each column means:

  • name : the name of Command line tool : what do you need to type to launch it
  • purpose : purpose
  • config file name : the name of the config file it will use. A starred name means that there is currently no config file written for the tool, i.e. it has really good default and you don't need to bother about configuration
  • installed : if yes, there is a package, and it is installed on the system and have good system wide default. Therefore you can run the command from any location. Otherwise you have to type the relative or full path to execute the command.
  • path to executable : the path to executable
  • preferred running directory : some of the tool are in early stage, and don't have default settings which are working. Therefore you have to provide a config file. Some of them are already made at some locations. Please run the tool while being in the specified directory


  • sudo all commands
  • Some of the executable files are in ../etc ; some are in a child folder e.g. /etc/
  • For all programs IDs of boards should be inputed in decimal (e.g. 4) ; and not in hexadecimal (e.g. 0x4) ; although these programs may display their output in hexadecimal
  • Class of the motor driver board: EA
  • By convention, we use the following order and ID numbering:
    1. left_fore
    2. right_fore
    3. left_hind
    4. right_hind
  • All the tool have a -h/--help option to explain what parameter they could take
NamePurposeConfig File(s)InstalledPathRunning Location
rbio-servo-calibratorFactory calibration of servo motorsrbio-servo-calibration.configyes/usr/bin/rbio-servo-calibrationanywhere
sbcp-scannerscan the SBCP bus to find devicessbcp.configyes/usr/bin/sbcp-scanneranywhere
sbcp-id-modifiermodify the ID of a SBCP devicesbcp.configyes/usr/bin/sbcp-id-scanneranywhere
oncilla-motor-readerReads the position of an oncilla Motordriver board (2 brushless motor and 3 Magnetic encoders)noneno/home/oncilla/devel/oncilla-motor-calibrator/build/src/oncilla-motor-reader/home/oncilla/devel/oncilla-motor-calibrator
oncilla-motor-calibratorPerforms factory calibration procedure of the BLDC motorsoncilla-motor-calibratior.configno/home/oncilla/devel/oncilla-motor-calibrator/build/src/oncilla-motor-calibrator/home/oncilla/devel/oncilla-motor-calibrator
oncilla-decalibratorScript to "forget" the runtime calibration of the motor and stop any BLDC motor control. Factory calibration remains unaffectedoncilla.config and oncilla-cpg.config plus your cpg parameter (example test4.config)no/home/oncilla/devel/oncilla-cpg/src/oncilla-cpg/oncilla-decalibrator/home/oncilla/devel/oncilla-cpg/test
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