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Oncilla - Wireless Connection Guide
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Short guide which shows how to set up a secured wireless connection between WiFi router and the Oncilla robot using DHCP and WPA-PSA TKIP protocols.

Modyfing or creating Ethernet connection

It is convenient to set up static DHCP addresses for the robot network interfaces on your router, as a result it will always have the same IP address. This can be done by accessing router administration panel and assigning static IP addresses (e.g. to hardware addresses of NIC and/or WNIC in DHCP setting section. If the robot was previously connected to router via Ethernet, the network restart could be necessary to apply changes.

Network settings of the embedded system are stored in /etc/network/interfaces/ (which is link to /etc/site/network/interfaces). Content of this file which allows to set up a wired connection is:

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

#ethernet config
auto eth0 eth1 eth2
mapping eth0 eth1 eth2
        script /usr/share/oncilla-network/
        map 0x17f3:0x6040 eth-lan
        map 0x1106:0x3253 eth-wlan

auto eth-lan
iface eth-lan inet dhcp

The robot can be connected using command:

$ ssh <user_name>@<interface_ip_address>

Adding wireless connection

Go to router administration panel and find the section which refers to wireless security. The following configuration is working (tested on router D-Link Dl-524):

  • Security protocol: WPA-PSK
  • Coding: TKIP

Set also your preshared key. Add to interfaces file on the embedded system following lines:

#wlan config

auto eth-wlan
       iface eth-wlan inet dhcp
       wpa-driver wext
       wpa-ssid oncilla
       wpa-proto WPA
       wpa-pairwise TKIP
       wpa-group TKIP
       wpa-key-mgmt WPA-PSK
       wpa-psk <preshared_key_hex>

WPA-PSK preshared key can be generated by running:

sudo apt-get install wpasupplicant
wpa_passphrase <your_network_essid> <your_preshared_key>

The output will be similar to:


Copy part after psk= and paste it in your interfaces file (instead of <preshared_key_hex>). Both wired and wireless connection should be working now. Note that if you connected robot with a cable it might be necessary to restart the embedded system to make wireless connection work.


I could not achieve working connection with WPA2-AES. It may not be supported by RB-110 WiFi module (not checked).

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