Merge branch 'release/1.23.5' of https://open.med.harvard.

Authored by bendcarmen <ben.hms.harvard@gmail.com> on Sep 22 2017, 19:58.


Merge branch 'release/1.23.5' of https://open.med.harvard.edu/stash/scm/shrine/shrine into release/1.23.5

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bendcarmen <ben.hms.harvard@gmail.com> committed R2664:bde25d5b3658: Merge branch 'release/1.23.5' of https://open.med.harvard. (authored by bendcarmen <ben.hms.harvard@gmail.com>).Sep 22 2017, 19:58

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3d50dff76ff3David Walend
Merge pull request #54 in SHRINE/shrine from bugfix/SHRINE-2329-prevent-the… 
Sep 22 2017
390f294521e1David Walend
Potential fix for SHRINE-2329 - only ask the adapters for results if all the… 
Sep 22 2017
deaa5c50f4e0David Walend
Merge pull request #53 in SHRINE/shrine from bugfix/SHRINE-2316-gigibyte-shrine… 
Sep 22 2017
7f728adf76c1David Walend
Yifan's code review for SHRINE-2316 
Sep 21 2017
0e2ff608591dDavid Walend
Changed the status code from Not Found to No Content when a message has no… 
Sep 21 2017
cb8b3dd547a6David Walend
Still haven't pinned it down, but I want this extra error handling SHRINE-2316 
Sep 21 2017
a56478ccb61eDavid Walend
Merge branch 'release/1.23.5' into bugfix/SHRINE-2316-gigibyte-shrine-meta.log… 
Sep 21 2017
7ecc69c51154David Walend
Added some code to throttle back the looping, which seems to have worked, but… 
Sep 21 2017
b059654225caDavid Walend
Hub now creates all the queues before it starts polling (In case the hub… 
Sep 21 2017
a78e2a2817daDavid Walend
Some notes toward SHRINE-2316 
Sep 20 2017