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fix conflict

Merged Changes

Merge branch 'features/changes-to-address-joss-review' of gitlab.com… 
Sep 28
parallel example 
Sep 28
Correcting nammings and compilation error 
Sep 28
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into features/changes-to-address… 
Sep 27
Merge branch 'features/make_multiple_materials_independant_solid_mechanics'… 
Sep 27
parentheses for multiline 
Sep 14
more missing changes 
Sep 14
Missing changes in damage non local 
Sep 14
Bug fix in the constructor order 
Sep 14
restoring test 
Sep 14
Switching to shared_ptr to correct undefined behaviors in the the python… 
Sep 14
Renaming compilation profile 
Sep 14
Missing python interfaces [still a bug with internals in python] 
Sep 13
Bug fix in the coupler interface 
Sep 12
Cleaning a bit the compilation variants 
Sep 12
Merge branch 'master' into features/make_multiple_materials_independant_solid_m… 
Sep 12
dfb828d369b1Nicolas Richart
Typo in the diffusion package 
Aug 2
5b14b292ffd6Nicolas Richart
Merge branch 'master' into features/make_multiple_materials_independant_solid_m… 
Aug 2
c5ba2fb756f3Nicolas Richart
Changing the default package name in cmake 
Aug 2
fb1f70bc20e0Nicolas Richart
Bug fixes cohesive elements 
Aug 1
0b5b06918b93Nicolas Richart
Fixing bugs and adding missing python interface 
Jul 28
4ad6a31e0a1aNicolas Richart
Moving heat transfer to diffusion model 
Jul 25
a91fc673e8e7Nicolas Richart
[wip] Solved compilation issues 
Jul 21
3ef774152252Nicolas Richart
Adding missing python interface and linting 
Jul 20
6c458a3a0a37Nicolas Richart
Adding missing python interface and linting 
Jul 20
cd4ab7137869Nicolas Richart
Fixing buges and reverting on registerInternal 
Jul 20
378e70d38150Nicolas Richart
[wip] Reaching a compiling point need to debug now 
Jul 14
843d4082f874Nicolas Richart
[wip] Changing more internalfields to shared_ptr 
Apr 13
49129e76fff7Nicolas Richart
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into… 
Apr 11
68a3bb87fbbbNicolas Richart
[wip] changing internal fields to std::shared_ptr [ci.skip] 
Apr 11
adcfbd6d923fNicolas Richart
Removing the material list generator 
Mar 7
5c7ea5a6ccdaNicolas Richart
[wip] Making the branch compile after a rebase [ci.skip] 
Mar 7
4885348a2272richart/Nicolas Richart
solving ambiguity 
Feb 25
c172a5f9a05drichart/Nicolas Richart
Submit for testing 
Feb 25
b72e9e25088crichart/Nicolas Richart
Advancing in compilation problems 
Feb 25
8cdb3c79e7e3pundir/Nicolas Richart
moved spatial dimension to the base class 
Feb 25
767c467331c8richart/Nicolas Richart
fixing compilations issues 
Feb 25
cea4f240e60drichart/Nicolas Richart
Adding base interfaces 
Feb 25
4287921e5d9brichart/Nicolas Richart
Making internal fields more generic 
Feb 25
79c57454cc30pundir/Nicolas Richart
few more modifications 
Feb 25
3719412e4978pundir/Nicolas Richart
changes to the internal field 
Feb 25
a37413ca05a9richart/Nicolas Richart
Advancing more 
Feb 25
8344be23f1d0richart/Nicolas Richart
Advancing in the compilation 
Feb 25
b26e7d2721d2richart/Nicolas Richart
renaming files 
Feb 25
31237a41d460pundir/Nicolas Richart
constitutive laws added 
Feb 25
b87c359bde50richart/Nicolas Richart
extracting constitutive laws handler from solid mechanics 
Feb 25
3da4fa0673a2richart/Nicolas Richart
Moving internal fields to generic consitutive laws 
Feb 25