Added some optimization to `SolidMechanicsModel::reassignMaterial()`.

Authored by Philip Mueller, KY <philip.paul.mueller@bluemail.ch> on Tue, Jan 24, 09:39.


Added some optimization to SolidMechanicsModel::reassignMaterial().

The function now checks if the assignement of a material has changed and only in that case calls Material::addElements() and Material::removeElements().
Further the same optimization was applied to the mentioned material functions.
In addition this commit also fixed am error related to the debug system (a missing AKANTU_DEBUG_OUT() call was missing in Material::removeElements()).

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Philip Mueller, KY <philip.paul.mueller@bluemail.ch> committed rAKAc8b142d3ac4a: Added some optimization to `SolidMechanicsModel::reassignMaterial()`. (authored by Philip Mueller, KY <philip.paul.mueller@bluemail.ch>).Tue, Jan 24, 09:39