Merge branch 'develop' into feature/SHRINE-2184-start-messaging-later

Authored by David Walend <david_walend@hms.harvard.edu> on Aug 31 2017, 18:37.


Merge branch 'develop' into feature/SHRINE-2184-start-messaging-later

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David Walend <david_walend@hms.harvard.edu> committed R2664:21d872932e0d: Merge branch 'develop' into feature/SHRINE-2184-start-messaging-later (authored by David Walend <david_walend@hms.harvard.edu>).Aug 31 2017, 18:37

Merged Changes

Merge branch 'develop' of https://open.med.harvard.edu/stash/scm/shrine/shrine… 
Aug 31 2017
Logic for resetting the check boxes 
Aug 30 2017
Separated breakdowns into 2 columns, Sorted Breakdowns Alphabetically, Changed… 
Aug 30 2017
f3d6d1faf56fYifan Xing
Merge pull request #23 in SHRINE/shrine from ~YXING/shrine:config to develop 
Aug 30 2017
987290cd937eyifan xing
changed default config to be false and modified tests to pass, added… 
Aug 30 2017
47bf21236373yifan xing
clean up 
Aug 30 2017
aa151983081cyifan xing
implemented code reviews: created and logged a Problem 
Aug 30 2017
95eddaa02760yifan xing
used if/else instead of require, implemented unit test for configuration 
Aug 30 2017
85175be6ee1fyifan xing
implemented momRoute configuration requirement, haven't found a good way to test 
Aug 30 2017
51135cbe8727yifan xing
added enable property 
Aug 30 2017
0a2c1a6679ccyifan xing
implementing config momRoute 
Aug 30 2017
b54ac2a7f936yifan xing
added default hornetqmomwebapi config 
Aug 30 2017
dc40ff5cc2baYifan Xing
Merge pull request #28 in SHRINE/shrine from ~YXING/shrine:detach to develop 
Aug 30 2017
21a241c635f7yifan xing
cleaned up unnecessary blocking in qepService 
Aug 30 2017
72605fffea97Yifan Xing
Merge pull request #26 in SHRINE/shrine from ~YXING/shrine:detach to develop 
Aug 30 2017
88ae2424005dyifan xing
cleaned up unnecessary blocking 
Aug 30 2017
465c4f43d058yifan xing
implemented code review comments 
Aug 28 2017
2cad61a2fe60yifan xing
added one more blocking in stewardDatabase 
Aug 24 2017
df369c51a0e9yifan xing
added detach and blocking 
Aug 24 2017
4414cf519e34yifan xing
added detach() and blocking 
Aug 23 2017