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Tamaas (from تماس meaning "contact" in Farsi) is a high-performance rough-surface periodic contact code based on boundary and volume integral equations. The clever mathematical formulation of the underlying numerical methods (see e.g. 10.1007/s00466-017-1392-5 and arXiv:1811.11558) allows the use of the fast-Fourier Transform, a great help in achieving peak performance: Tamaas is consistently two orders of magnitude faster (and lighter) than traditional FEM!

This means we can tackle such difficult problems as elastoplastic contact of rough surfaces with upwards of 100 million degrees-of-freedom on a single compute node. The image below shows the plastic zone in the material bulk for such a simulation:

© 2019, Laboratoire de Simulation en Mécanique des Solides, EPFL.

NOTE: Tamaas is still under heavy development and is not ready yet to be publicly released. It should however come out during the year 2019, when its developers have settled a solid code base (and finished their PhD dissertation). It will then be available under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, so anyone is free to use it for whatever purpose, including research and commercial uses!

Their are a few repositories available under the umbrella of the project:

  • rTAMAAS: the main trunk containing the latest source code
  • rTAMAASPUB: the public release repository of Tamaas, containing the elastic contact codes
  • rEXPOLIT: a helper library for symbolic integration in C++

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