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rAKA1d637b4f892f: Changing HeatTransferModel dumper
rAKAf709e0107e86: Modifications to the Material FE2

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Modifications to the Material FE2 
Feb 2 2018
9e85e45113f0Aurelia Cuba Ramos
solved conflict in SMMRVE 
Nov 4 2016
f2ab4594f4faAurelia Cuba Ramos
removed fill up of cracks 
Nov 4 2016
aff04377a88eAurelia Cuba Ramos
bug fix in FE2 
Nov 4 2016
5c709b16fc2cAurelia Cuba Ramos
bug fix in filling and draining cracks 
Oct 28 2016
2199294d0260Aurelia Cuba Ramos
modified material FE2, so that the RVE cracks are filled up with gel before the… 
Oct 28 2016
4f90443ea200Aurelia Cuba Ramos
Merge branch 'master' of lsmssrv1.epfl.ch:akantu-extra-materials 
Oct 7 2016
2d2abd0a4497Aurelia Cuba Ramos
moved reduction step data to parent material 
Oct 7 2016
76c8f6e677ebAurelia Cuba Ramos
modifications to make non-local akantu-simulation work 
Oct 6 2016
fde4bb4acfd0Aurelia Cuba Ramos
accessors replaced by getParam function 
Mar 22 2016
f76e75fc7847Aurelia Cuba Ramos
missing mesh added 
Mar 22 2016
c75e16865288Aurelia Cuba Ramos
Merge commit 'c8d4af27518a3120556d03d90b0ff1aff07cb91f' 
Mar 22 2016
25f5889c7dceAurelia Cuba Ramos
tests for material iterative stiffness reduction updated 
Mar 22 2016
c8d4af27518aAurelia Cuba Ramos
updated packages for tests 
Mar 10 2016
a930d1c1e117Aurelia Cuba Ramos
Merge commit 'eb5443a895470983a1ab4d5791229c481414f69f' 
Feb 18 2016
39568efba238Aurelia Cuba Ramos
fixed broken FE2 test 
Feb 18 2016
eb5443a89547Aurelia Cuba Ramos
bug fixes in FE2 
Feb 14 2016
6be38669578aAurelia Cuba Ramos
Merge commit 'a363059e84604e933f35ab5be73f7338af5cf65c' 
Feb 2 2016
a363059e8460Aurelia Cuba Ramos
updated RVE 
Feb 2 2016
c3e34eabaeb8Aurelia Cuba Ramos
bug fixes in the material FE2 
Feb 2 2016
112603bf410bAurelia Cuba Ramos
fixes for FE2 simulations 
Feb 2 2016
bf60b390981cAurelia Cuba Ramos
Merge branch 'master' of lsmssrv1.epfl.ch:akantu-extra-materials 
Feb 1 2016
2162c5e14681Aurelia Cuba Ramos
modified tolerance in solve step 
Feb 1 2016
44f6e7432426Aurelia Cuba Ramos
Merge commit '48a7aff444ea1b958440c01a1bf91b178d4525cf' 
Feb 1 2016
827b65f80b1bAurelia Cuba Ramos
bug fix: include petsc headers 
Feb 1 2016
48a7aff444eaAurelia Cuba Ramos
bug fix in SMMRVE 
Feb 1 2016
404a66c1b32dAurelia Cuba Ramos
tests for SMMRVE added 
Feb 1 2016
0cfe38a37116Aurelia Cuba Ramos
FE2 material added 
Feb 1 2016
05106425c2f5Aurelia Cuba Ramos
Feb 1 2016
dea9729814e7Aurelia Cuba Ramos
forgot to add some files in last commit 
Dec 16 2015
064dfd64cc62Aurelia Cuba Ramos
tests for extra materials added 
Dec 16 2015
Merge branch 'master' of lsmssrv1.epfl.ch:akantu-extra-materials into HEAD 
Dec 8 2015
fixing some more compilation troubles 
Dec 8 2015
Split in 2 packages 
Dec 7 2015
7cfc6a9a8304Aurelia Cuba Ramos
bug fixes in material damage iterative non-local 
Nov 15 2015
3a765d092ea1Aurelia Cuba Ramos
ugly bug fix in material damage iterative: added ghost type for array access 
Oct 21 2015
0a6b3cefda43Aurelia Cuba Ramos
updated material damage due to rewriting of non-local damge 
Oct 15 2015
cbd345258ae9Aurelia Cuba Ramos
modifications due to renaming of quadrature/control point 
Oct 11 2015
19d69a76f3b1Aurelia Cuba Ramos
modifications to make non-local materials work with non-local manger 
Oct 8 2015
02acf88aaabfAurelia Cuba Ramos
modifications due to the removal of dimension as template parameter for the… 
Sep 28 2015
Extracted the generation of the material lists to the cmake packages 
Jul 18 2015
dd2d2eed95e2LSMS Tester
Merge branch 'new_branch_name' 
Jun 25 2015
2c51f32c83dcLSMS Tester
compilation bug fix link to renaming of INSTANTIATE_MATERIAL 
Jun 25 2015
correct a super ugly typo 
Jun 4 2015
Merge branch 'master' of lsmssrv1.epfl.ch:akantu-extra-materials 
May 11 2015
Correction in the material list for non local materials 
May 11 2015
6b093db33467Aurelia Cuba Ramos
correction of typo in material extra includes 
Apr 29 2015
ce1204216c5bAurelia Cuba Ramos
Merge commit '848d42523de0623a3d0d5e6e6ab6f651dd4998ab' 
Apr 28 2015
0719624b2992Aurelia Cuba Ramos
changes in material orthotropic damage iterative 
Apr 28 2015
59c892f82354Aurelia Cuba Ramos
non-local orthotropic iterative damage 
Apr 28 2015