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Blackdynamite is merely a tool to help achieving a few things:

  1. Launching a program repeatedly with varying parameters, to explore the chosen parametric space.
  2. Collect and sort results of Small sizes benefiting from the power of modern databases.
  3. Analyze the results by making requests to the associated databases.

Launching is made simple by allowing any executable to be launched. The set of directories will be generated and managed by BlackDynamite to prevent errors. Requests of any kind will then be made to the underlying database through friendly commands of BlackDynamite.

Collecting the results will be possible thanks to the Blackdynamite C/C++ and python API which will let you send results directly to the database and thus automatically sort them. This is extremely useful. However heavy data such as Paraview files or any other kind of data should not be pushed to the database for obvious performance issues.

Analysis of the results can be made easy thanks to Blackdynamite which can retrieve data information in the form of Numpy array to be used, analyzed or plotted thanks to the powerful and vast Python libraries such as Matplotlib and Scipy.