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Oncilla - Hardware Troobleshooting
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This page lists someproblems one may encounter when using the Oncilla robot and how to solve them

Loss of WIFI connection

If the wifi connection is lost

  • If the robot is running with a controller, either use the emrgency button if teterred, or press the main power button for three seconds if running on batteries
  • If the robot is on stand, restart the wifi connection from your PC, ssh again, and check if the connection succeeds. If not, do this one more time. If nothing happens, hard reset the RB 110 (unplug and replug the power).

Missing libraries

After a fresh install, the system may complain about to be missing. In that case, please perform once:

  1. Edit /etc/ld.conf to add permanently /usr/xenomai/lib to the LD_PATH. E.g. if this file is empty, simply add the line /usr/xenomai/lib to this file
  2. Run once sudo ldconfig to apply the change to your system

Max position cannot be increased during calibration

IMPORTANT: First check that the leg is not blocked because you are pushing the servo too much and some part are mechanically colliding with each other.

If the problem is not the one above, but the max position cannot be increased anymore, you are probably driving the servomotor outside its reachable range. Therefore the servo horn has to be mechanically adjusted to reach the desired position. Plese be carefull about mechanical self collision as you may damage parts.

A few BLDC motors are not moving

First stop all running experiment and runtime decalibrate the robot to ensure no motor control would be active.

Check if the connection from the motor winding to the motorboard is damaged or unplugged. Check relative encoder cabling too.

Restart the runtime calibration manually. If nothing move again, try to reflash the corresponding motordriver board (factory calibration are then needed).

If the condition persists, then tests the motordriver and the motor (cross-failure test), as one of the two may be then damaged.

Encoder doesn't report (proper) values.

If magnetic encoders are not working, its probably due to the magnets being not close enough to the readout chip (the IC). So

  • Unscrew the board and
  • Pull/push the magnet a wee bit closer to the IC

Network is not working at all

NOTE: This bug only happens on debian/ubuntu based Oncilla images

This is a known unresolved bug that happens the first time you put an SD card that already has runned on a RB-110, into another RB-110. Mount the SD card with your PC and check for the (auto-generated) file /media/<hash>/etc/udev/rules.d/70-*persistent-net.rules (<hash> being the number of the SD card device). This file needs to be deleted. After deletion, plug the card into the new RB-110 again and network should work as usual.

application error during transfer

Application errors are errors that are not generic to SBCP devices, but specific for certain devices (e.g. motor board). Each class of device use its custom values.

error code 7 return by device 0xea (AMARSi Motordriver Board)

Got application error during transfer (status : 0x5 com error : 0x0) to Device 0xea:0x<ID> instruction 0xXX : Device 0xea:0x<ID> issued error : 7 , payload : [  ]

This error code corresponds to MDV_ERR_MOTOR_NOT_RUNTIME_CALIBRATED, which means you tried to execute a command that is not allowed without runtime calibration already been performed (e.g: going into position control mode), but the device is not runtime calibrated yet.

This error code is only valid when targeting an AMARSi motordriver board (class ID 0xea).

Perform the runtime calibration procedure for the motordriver and start again.

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