Merge branch 'results-api'

Authored by Curtis Rueden <ctrueden@wisc.edu> on May 3 2017, 20:22.


Merge branch 'results-api'

This branch does several things:

  • Moves the classes into a common sc.fiji.coloc package prefix.
  • Makes Coloc_2 usable from a script, and usable headless.
  • Adds a script template illustrating usage from a script.
  • Fixes a couple of serious memory leaks, and quitting-related problems.
  • Adds support for registering additional ResultHandlers.

This commit is dedicated to Stephan Grein.


Event Timeline

Curtis Rueden <ctrueden@wisc.edu> committed R6269:d9f3613f194e: Merge branch 'results-api' (authored by Curtis Rueden <ctrueden@wisc.edu>).May 3 2017, 20:22

Merged Changes

db38c26db03aCurtis Rueden
Use sc.fiji.coloc as package prefix 
May 3 2017
7479ef73dd90Curtis Rueden
Organize imports 
May 3 2017
b7f84a775050Curtis Rueden
Fix a memory leak 
May 3 2017
acfe92317c3aCurtis Rueden
Coloc_2: remove old main method 
May 3 2017
5230beb0482fCurtis Rueden
Make SpearmanRankCorrelation not static 
May 3 2017
125146324f1aCurtis Rueden
Dispose the SingleWindowDisplay window on close 
May 3 2017
ad56fd31ad91Curtis Rueden
SingleWindowDisplay: do not keep list of displays 
May 3 2017
d9e552927c2fCurtis Rueden
Add a Groovy script to test programmatic execution 
May 3 2017
ca1c74598c2aEllen T Arena/Curtis Rueden
Coloc_2: split settings logic out of showDialog 
May 3 2017
9b46bccd3a2cCurtis Rueden
Coloc_2: fix Eclipse warnings 
May 3 2017
9962b762390aCurtis Rueden
Coloc_2: add support for headless operation 
May 3 2017
2db10aeef83aCurtis Rueden
Coloc_2: return analysis results data structure 
May 3 2017
312b100b876aCurtis Rueden
Coloc_2: add support for passing additional handlers 
May 3 2017
8a9515166dbbCurtis Rueden
Coloc_2: clean up style 
May 3 2017